Enema Supply Products

About Barium

Barium is a modern, high-tech company with an exceptional reputation for quality, product innovation and technical competence.

We produce a variety of Colonic Irrigation Treatment products for both the medical and industrial world markets.

Apart from our standard program we are also producing market and client specific products.

Our customers, over the decades, have come to value the flexibility and high quality standards of Barium Products.

We have quality products guaranteed by our traditional values and state of the art production process.

Design and development

Our products are designed in Europe and has transformed the production process into a custom made product for our Enema Bulb range. The Barium Enema Bulbs are made of one piece constructions without bonded seams to come apart or imperfect surface finishes.

Quality is our passion

We strive to create an open and respectful workplace that encourages people to work together and share a common ambition to succeed by delivering outstanding quality in what we do.




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